I engage with business owners by taking into account the human element, and how different people with different skills choose to operate differently. No two individuals are the same, in fact, every entrepreneur has a background story, skills and expertise which are unique and learned over time. I identify and utilise the business owner’s strengths and channel it into the business, thereby ensuring success and growth. An analysis is also done to determine those areas which require attention or a different skill set.

My skill and experience is derived from 18 years in the financial industry, where I spent a significant amount of time assisting businesses, from SMME’s to large corporates, with raising funding for working capital purposes and business expansion. This entailed a detailed analysis of their financial standing, discussions on their short, medium and long term strategies, and providing direction where needed.

I have also been instrumental in coaching and mentoring various business ventures, and this continues as an ongoing service. I use my extensive business insight to help individuals and businesses implement mechanisms to achieve goals.
As a wife and mum to three busy boys, I appreciate the demands of fulfilling various roles while trying to live and enjoy life.

My tagline ‘Charting the Road to Success’ says it all, planning to be successful is where it all starts…

‘Planning’ is merely a way of organising your intentions to achieve your goals, and applies to every aspect of our daily lives.